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I too wonder what is going on with customer service.  One of which, I had cancelled the order, it showed on the web site as cancelled, and the next thing I knew they were sending it.

So I called, and was told to write QVC Error on the return slip and send it back which I did.

I sent it with and exchange garment.  A couple days later I got the "good news your return is on it's way" email.  One week after sending it I got a letter of apology for Q sending the cancelled item and giving me different instructions as to returning it. Of, course it was too late.  Two weeks went by and NOTHING, then a message appeared on the Q Web Site that returns are taking longer than usual.  The next day one of my items appeared as returned the the replacement was being processed. Great!  But the Item that was cancelled and sent still NOTHING!  Along with consistently poor tracking and longer delivery times what is going on?  The only thing the Q's customer service has going for it these days is the really nice people that answer the phones.

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Hi @maizey has the item sent in error been handled as yet. Email us at if we can help. 

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How does Customer Service work?

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@hollysunshine wrote:

How does Customer Service work?


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