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I have made numerous attempts to contact customer service only to be forsaken in  automated nonsence!  Every company is doing their best to meet customer needs during these unpreceded times, EXCEPT QVC.  No offers for call-backs, no direct contact with representatives, no email responses.  It's awful.  I've been a loyal customer for over 25 yrs.  My most recent order was shipped with the correct order number but wrong item packaged.  I ordered an Eternity Band ring and received a Solitaire Ring.  I am sending back but wanted to ensure that I will not pay for return shipping since the error is on QVC's part.  That's a hit on Quality Contol.  I can't speak to Value since item wasn't received.  The item is now unavailable so it's a strike against Convencience and I'm out of luck on this purchase.  What a shame!  I supported QVC during this pandemic but they don't seem invested in their customers.  I expected a better response.  QVC used to be a great company.  I've had problems on numerous orders that can't be attributed to the pandemic.  It's an overall corporate decline resulting in lots of loss in revenue and customer loyalty.  Three strikes, you're out QVC.

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Mistakes happen.  Return your ring and indicate wrong item sent.  You are not expected to pay return postage.  If you should be charged, return to this forum and our mods will assure it's refunded.

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I have had the same problems!

I was on hold trying to reach customer service for 34 minutes and finally hung up in frustration.

then I tried their live chat option. After painstaking typing my problem about a package that is lost somewhere (but I was charged for the item, of course), I was put in a queue with 74 people in front of me!!

never got through!

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Hi @mommaslp 


I'm sorry to hear that happened. As this is a QVC error we'll be glad to waive the return fee. Please provide me with your item number. 


Looking forward to hearing from you.



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Thank you Kinski for your reply. Item #J34990 size 8
Order # 6815040343