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Re: Customer Service lacking--I understand the times but if you are selling you need to offer servic

This is the only company that I literally dread calling CS because the service is so inconsistent.  I hate that feeling and balk at contacting QVC. I won' t bother the mods unless I have to. I honestly can say  from the  30 years shopping at Q know sometimes more of what is policy or what to suggest. I don't mean to sound like I know it all but I think some CS lack training and service is clearly lacking !.  I understand wait time and am ok with a call back especially in these times. It is rare that I contact CS. 


I am venting as could have had my item  now that was defective and reordered if CS had suggested it as a solution to solve the issue. Now the item is no longer available.  I was upset with no invoice or shipping label and an expensive item defective. I did my own  label printing , invoice and mailing. The next day I thought I should have just reordered. Other companies offer this and when the defective item is received you are credited. HSN has done this.


I found a similar item for $25 more and will be here in a week or less. I lost out and Q lost the sale. There are options and Q is no longer the only game in town. They just seem not to care and CS  service is duly lacking. For those of you who got the help you needed you are lucky.