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Customer Care regarding Returns

Can someone from QVC tell me why it is taking so long to receive my returns and to process them. This is very disturbing to me when I have used the return form provided and paid the $6.95.  Thank You

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Re: Customer Care regarding Returns

@I am appleblossom Our return centers have been working with reduced staffing during the pandemic, so I apologize for the delay. Hopefully you will see your returns processing very soon.


Thank you for your patience.

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Re: Customer Care regarding Returns

"Hopefully"? "Very soon"? Well, THATS some stellar customer service!!!
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Re: Customer Care regarding Returns

Well, I guess this awful pandemic has much to do with the slow shipping and processing of orders and returns.  I'm sure everyone is working as fast and hard as possible under very trying conditions so get your patience gene working.   Customer Service is way understaffed due to the pandemic and shipping companies are at their wit's end trying to get deliveries made both to warehouses and to individuals.  Have patience and appreciate those who are working diligently in spite of the virus.