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Re: Complaints About Slow Shipping

@Kachina624 wrote:

Unfortunately, what's in the drop-down box does absolutely nothing to improve the "processing" time which is what is slowing our receipt of our purchases.  The time in transit usually is not the problem. 

Wha?  Then how is it that I NEVER have a problem with ANY shipping process? 


If you choose the middle one, you won't have ANY issues.  How do I know?  Because my orders ship out pronto.  Anyone reading my whole post would have known that.

What your saying is incorrect.  Sorry.

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Re: Complaints About Slow Shipping

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Thank you! I did do that but for some reason I have UPS my choice & it seems to mess everything up!  Of course only heavier items upgrade with UPS. Otherwise they go to USPS. If I have to I will do a hold mail. If only they would get into the system! My husband said to try the Hunter air purifier today. When I have surgery I can hold mail for a few days! I have never had major surgery & I am terrified. Full blow anxiety attacks & it's 3 weeks away! You are always on top of things!