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Christmas in July return policy

I would like to start my Christmas shopping early and have a number of items I would like to purchase as gifts.  Can a customer care representative please give me  a clear answer as to the return policy for items ?  How do I know if the items have the extended return date of January 31. 2022 or just the standard 30 day return policy?  Thank you in advance for your help.

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Re: Christmas in July return policy


The official start date of our Holiday return policy has not been announced yet but it generally starts mid September. Anything purchased on the officially designated Christmas on Juoly Sale days will also be eligible for the holiday return.

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Re: Christmas in July return policy



The item would be clearly marked with a red 'Christmas Return' banner.  It has been just below the description, maybe mid page.


If you don't see that eligible for Jan returns banner, it would only be the 30 days.


Last yr., they started the ALL Jan returns on Sept. 12.  DH birthday, that's why I remember.

It was earlier than previous years.