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Why has QVC made it so impossible to track returns?  When you click on the link for tracking return, it goes to a red screen that they are problems and call Customer Service.  You can't get any response from Customer Service?  Is this a way to just not respond any longer?  Customer Service used to be a plus of QVC.  Not anymore. If you are going to continue to sell during this time, you need to be prepared to meet the demands of the customers you are selling to.  Some companies have limited the number of items sold daily to avoid these issues.  Maybe QVC should have considered that too.  At least fix the online issue to check tracking if you can't offer customer service responses.  


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From what I've read from other posters on here.............QVC Returns are MANY - so they contract returns to a third party trucking company.  Returns are, therefore, OUT of the normal shipping cycle.  Truck picks up from various locations and takes back to Q.  Your package may be sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting for pick up.

If I'm wrong - hope somebody corrects this.

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I am so sorry @notenoughtime Please send your Q Account number and order number to and we will do our best to help.

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@notenoughtime well said. Couldn't agree more. They

certainly charge enough shipping both ways.

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I'm familiar with their third party system.  I just understand why I can't click the link on the order page to track the package return any longer.  It has been down for weeks with the red screen telling me to call customer service which we all know leads to the path of non-existence.