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Change "pause" settings in recorded presentations

When watching online recordings of item presentations, I sometimes want to pause the video to get a better look at the item details. The fact that the screen goes dark and a large triangle/arrow with "RESUME" appears in the middle of the screen makes it virtually impossible to see what I need to see.

Can this be changed? Even if you could just omit the darkening effect, it would be extremely helpful.

This has been going on for quite awhile now, but the recordings were not always this way—I used to be able to pause presentations without any change in the lighting of the still image from the video.


I know I shared this last year, but it is still very frustrating, so I'd love to pass along this suggestion once again to see if things can be updated. Thanks in advance...

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Re: Change "pause" settings in recorded presentations

I agree!  The images need to remain clear on pause so that we can get a closer look!  @loriqvc ..... Thank you for posting!