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Can you or anyone out there help me find an item?  I think Mark Charles showed it,  but not sure.


It is a cutting tool that cuts cardboard, etc by just running it along and works on batteries.  I have pulled up Kuhn Rikon, scissors, shears, knife in the search and nothing came up.....Help!!  Thank you!!

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Could it possibly be the Worx 4V Cordless Zip Snip Rotary Cutter?

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@Patriot3 I saw MCM demonstrate a battery-operated electric scissors (item V37576). It's still on clearance, too.

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@hummermom @geezerette   Thanks for your replies........I'm going to investigate both of them!

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I have the Worx one - been sitting in the box for 3 months.  Finally took time to llok at it and..........the instruction booklet is such small print........I w/glasses can not read any of it.  Diagram of all the buttons and holes on the cutter but.....NO index of what is what.


Believe this is a good company but someone slipped up on their job.  So it's back in the box.  Return on Christmas policy?   Hmmm  an idea

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I have the Worx cordless cutter. It is wonderful. Used it to cut up 10 X 15 foot carpet for trash.  It cut through it without any problem. Did it all on one charge. Was so glad I bought it. I knew at almost 70 I did not have the hand strength to cut is with any other tool.