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Broken Holiday Delivery Promises

To Whom It May Concern:


QVC Holiday Deiivery: Broken Promises, Terrible Customer Service


On 12/10/2021, I ordered the Air Joe iON 24V Cordless Digital Air Compressor.  The salesperson on TV said they were ready to ship immediately and would arrive before Christmas.  Upon ordering, I was given an estimated delivery date of 12/20/2021.  On 12/20/2021, when the product hadn't arrived, I called into Customer Service.  When I asked when I could expect it, I was told that she didn't know (unacceptable customer service).  When I asked what the issue was, I was told that she didn't know (unacceptable customer service).  When I asked how come there was no Tracking Status button on the order, I was told she didn't know (unacceptable customer service).  She said the best she could do was to submit a request, it would take 4 days, and I could call back to find out the determination of the request (EXTREMELY unacceptable customer service).  I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told the supervisor would call back in 30 minutes to 4 hours.  I never received the phone call from the supervisor (EXTREMELY uncacceptable customer service).


I called back to Customer Service.  I received the same treatment and lack of answers.  Further the Customer Service rep hung up on me, I can only assume because I mentioned that this lack of information was unacceptable.  Hanging up on a customer in any customer service situation is totally unacceptable and should never be tolerated.


I call back on 12/21/2021, and again asked to be called by a supervisor and gave a specific time (5PM Central) an phone number to call (my phone number not my wife's).  The supervisor did call, but called my wife's phone number at 3:15 PM.  We couldn't answer the phone as we were in work meetings at the time.  The supervisor did leave a message stating I could call back to get an update.  Upon calling back, I was again told that QVC didn't know why it hadn't shipped and I again asked to speak to a supervisor and was told one was not available.  I again gave a time (10 AM Central on 12/22/2021) and an number (my phone number, not my wife's).


In the interim, I chose to use QVC chat to see If I could find someone who was willing to provide help rather than simply quote policy and tell me that it was up to me to find out if there was any information on why my order hadn't shipped by calling back in to check.  During this chat, the Customer Service rep informed me that there was no new information, however, did offer me a $25 QVC credit.  I mentioned that I would rather have my credit card credited the $25 and the Cuistomer Service rep said she would leave a note for the supervisor to discuss this with me during our call the next day.


A supervisor called me back on 12/22/2021 at 10:10 AM Central.  Again no information was able to be provided regarding my order, why it hadn't shipped, or why this was when the salesperson said they were ready to ship immediately and would be delivered by Christmas.  I again reiterated that this was unacceptable customer service.  When an order is promised by a representative and can't be fulfilled, the merchant has an obligation to inform the customer in a timely fashion.  The supervisor stated that she didn't necessarily agree with that and we ended our conversation.  The supervisor NEVER mentioned the $25 credit at all.


Later that afternoon, my wife received a text that stated:


     Dear QVC Shopper,


     At QVC, we strive to deliver for you particularly during the holiday season, when your orders may be intended as gifts. But sometimes the situation is beyond our control. We're sorry to let you know that your Snow Joe order is delayed and will not arrive by December 24.


     For the latest tracking information, please check your Order Status on And if you have any questions, our Customer Service team is happy to help. Give us a call at 800.367.9444 any time between 7−1am ET, seven days a week.


     We appreciate your understanding and wish you a happy holiday season.





     QVC Customer Service


     Item: V44832 Air Joe iON 24V Cordless Digital Air Compressor



It is understandable that the situation may not be under QVC's control.  I get that and understand that.  What I don't understand is QVC's Customer Service representatives (and the QVC policy) of not initiating contact to customers who may be affected by this.  Had I received an email, phone call, or text letting me know this is the case, I would not be upset.  I would have known that QVC does indeed care about it's customers.  Instead, I was quoted policy, told that there wasn't any information, and that I was welcome TO CALL BACK IN TO FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION.  Again this is unacceptable customer service.  Having been in Customer Service for over 35 years, I would NEVER treat a customer in this fashion.  Rather I would apologize, offer to research the issue, and provide return communication to the customer with updates.  This would be acceptable customer service because QVC made promises; promises that were broadcast over the air and promises on which QVC cannot deliver.  Further, this is the 3rd time that this has happened to my in the last 2 years.  As it stands, I do not have faith in QVC to deliver products that have been ordered, nor do I have faith in anything that QVC sales representatives say on television as it has been proven that QVC does not care to honor those promises.


Problems that QVC has with suppliers is NOT a customer issue, it is a QVC issue and a customer should NEVER be told or made to feel that those issues are their issues because the fact of the matter is that I did not order or purchase from the supplier, I ordered from QVC based upon statements made by the QVC salesperson on the television.


I am gave QVC one last chance to do the right thing and either deliver my order as promised OR provide me an honest answer as to why promises were made but not kept, why when QVC KNEW THEY COULD NOT FULFILL THE PROMISES THEY MADE they didn't feel the need to contact me to let me know they they had made a mistake and how they would make it up to me to restore and keep my faith in QVC as a retailer.  Failure to either deliver my order by 5PM Central on 12/24/2021 (thus fulfilling the promises made) OR contacting me via phone by 5PM Central with acceptable information, a SINCERE apology, and earnest process to resolve the situation tells me that QVC is not accepting responsibility for the pormises that they made.  While I did eventually receive an email from QVC, i only received it after I mentioned to the supervisor that an email should have been sent and all that it stated was that sometimes issues with retailers are beyond QVC's control.  There was no mention of the $25 credit that I was offered and should have been discussed, no opportunity to discuss this with a QVC supervisor, and to date 3 DAYS AFTER CHRISTMAS I still do not have a tracking number, new delivery date, or have any idea if/when my item will arrive so that I may give the gift that I ordered and was promised ON AIR that it was ready to ship and would arrive BEFORE Christmas.


Shame on you QVC!!! This is false advertising and shows a complete lack of concern and customer care.  Thankfully I (and all consumers) have many other options for next year that involve other reliable and concerned retailers!

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Re: Broken Holiday Delivery Promises

A few weeks ago, I posted a thread questioning how the QVC hosts could be at liberty to say over and over ''''WE GUARANTEE DELIVERY BEFORE CHRISTMAS''.   It's impossible for them to be able to 'guarantee delivery', especially these days.  I didn't fall for it - and advise that nobody else ever does either.

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Re: Broken Holiday Delivery Promises

Didn't read the whole thing. Every year, this happens. Naturally, it was bad this year.

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Re: Broken Holiday Delivery Promises

@royalcavaliers    You do know, I hope, that thus forum is for QVC customers and is not generally seen by others.  There is nothing we can do except sympathize.  You might want to consider printing your essay and directing it to the Q's executive offices.


I assume you just wanted to rant as you don't state (unless I missed it) what you want QVC to do for you.  Perhaps you should tell them.

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Re: Broken Holiday Delivery Promises

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Well, I to was disappointed by HSN  on  a clothing  item that I ordered Nov 18, 2021  as a gift which was supposed to arrive by Christmas . I just tried to cancel the order since I still have not received it  . I ended up buying something else locally that I gave as a gift since the sweater had not arrived before Christmas.  The computer system would not let me cancel , so I contacted Customer Service and they sent me the typed  rules that I should have canceled within a particular time of placing the order which was not originally listed as waitlist  . However the Customer Service Rep did say she would waive the return shipping charge  for me after it arrives and I still want to return the item.


I blame the supply chain crisis and the companies that sell items on QVC or HSN who do not have the product physically here in the states ....

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Re: Broken Holiday Delivery Promises

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@royalcavaliers I am sorry this happened.  It used to be that QVC could guarantee overnight delivery and they sold items 2 days before Christmas and it got delivered the next day.


Our world has changed.  We all know this.  Even Amazon is not  getting their items delivered on time.


My guess is that the vendor sent out the Air Joe, not QVC.  Because of this, QVC had no information to track the package.  There was no information for them to look up on their system when you called in.  That is why you were told they didn't know the answers to your questions...they didn't.


I agree that QVC should not guarantee delivery by a certain date when the delivery is out of their control.


UPS and USPS are backlogged.  They are short handed and everyone's deliveries are not on time.  There are not enough truck drivers to move merchandise.


At the same time, it is not prudent to 100% expect delivery on anything you order two weeks before Christmas.  

In our new world, nothing can be guaranteed.

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Re: Broken Holiday Delivery Promises

This is why I still shop B&M 99%of the time.

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Re: Broken Holiday Delivery Promises

My rule of thumb - NEVER buy anything online after the 1st of December. You will not be disappointed at not receiving delayed gifts. Making that trip to a store does make it more festive and better savings as well.

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Re: Broken Holiday Delivery Promises

I imagine it was worse this year due to the warehouse fire as well. 

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Re: Broken Holiday Delivery Promises

@royalcavaliers - I'm sure you've seen other posts here about similar issues. I was lucky when it came to QVC, but I'm still waiting for "guaranteed by Christmas" packages from other online companies. ( One package from Lush came yesterday.)





Next time you run into a problem here I suggest you email the Social Team at A lot of us do that for any concern we have. They have almost always responded to me in a timely manner, and they have done what they could to answer my question or solve a problem. 




I hope your situation is resolved!  Smiley Happy