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Re: Bravo to QVC Social Team!

@1G, Also many thanks to Susan (I believe she and Melvin put in many hours) and all are kind and patience. Melissa, too

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Re: Bravo to QVC Social Team!

I also would like to honor them. They not only work hard they handle problems promptly. Truly, they are the best thing about the Q. They work quietly behind the scenes but without them a lot of customers would become former customers.


Thank you, Social Team!

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Re: Bravo to QVC Social Team!

@KingstonsMom wrote:

There's also Angelena (can't get the spelling of her name right)!


Yes, @KingstonsMom, it's @AnjalenaQVC, and also I want to add @Barbara-QVC and @Paulette-QVC to the stellar list of moderators already mentioned.


They have so many responsibilities we know of, and most likely many others we don't know about, yet I've found they manage to be patient, thoughtful, and professional.   I've seen some extraordinary kindnesses on their part...  knowing how stressful customer support can be, I have such appreciation for the way they tackle each challenge and respond with care and concern.   

Kudos to the whole team!



Very, very, very nice thread, @TexasMom1 and all the posters who replied!😊



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