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Attn. Moderator: Trying to Get Price Adjustment

I have made two calls to customer care regarding this price adjustment but I still can't get it. I purchased item # A343148 and 7 days later it went on sale. I called customer service on November 9th and was told I would receive my credit in three business days. No credit has shown up on my card and it has been three days. I called again today and another rep said he would file a lost refund even though it shows it was processed on Monday. I do not know what is going on and would very much appreciate it if you would look into this for me. Thank you.
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Re: Attn. Moderator: Trying to Get Price Adjustment

Hi @329 I do see the refund was issued on Monday 11/12. It could take 3 business days for a refund to post so you may see it by tomorrow. A customer service representative sent a request to the finance office to check the refund.