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I sent 2 emails to and haven't heard anything back yet.


You all sent me the wrong cuff. You have the record. I got instead


J366400.  Can you send me  by expedited shipping the right cuff in small.  Don't want to wait another 2 wks to get the right one.




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@SharkE poor you, that's a heartache you are enduring dear! I hope very soon indeed, everything shall be sorted it out.

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@SharkE  this makes me laugh (not at you). You have done a lot by posting the email address to everyone who needed help. What´s up?


Don´t give up!!

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Yeah, something going on that we all don't know about. I used to get a quick response from


tonight I was on the phone with the rest of everybody, talked to one about the  problem after 10 minutes, then, she said "oh,that should be the return dept. so , on hold again, another 10minutes of  listening to  krap that doesn't  pertain to my problem.


Imagine,  my disappointment after waiting all this  time and 5 days after they said the estimated arrival time, just to find some ol' ugly thing that I  wouldn't  put around a snake's  neck.


I told  the gal she can send it back expetited shipping 'Oh no can't do that because it will be an exchange" I said "I'll pay it hit my charge card"

"no we can't do that" so looks like another 2 week wait hope I  get it before we leave on vacation.  That one gal  got nothing in her QVC jewelry pouch I got a ugly  *** thing my face fell and hubbo said "what is it"? I said "I sure as hale didn't order this montrosity now I have to repack, go to post office and sit and wait another 2 weeks.


Only business I ever saw run like that. 


Ok, to laugh at me I never had any problem till today ,    something is really wrong with that company. Wish I knew somebody that works there 

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@SharkE    That style of bracelet is very common.  Why don't you search online at stores that sell Indian made goods and find the real deal in a similar one?  I just saw one on the Alltribes website for $244., and liked it much better than the CP version.

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