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Attention: Customer Service or Moderator

Hi, I am unable to get through to customer service.  I have two issues I need resolved.


1.  Item #366190 is priced at $20.87 today.  I paid $24.55 for these pants.  Please apply credit to my original method of payment.


2.  Item #J393300 LDO Chantilly Necklace and Earrings arrived today without the earrings.  This was an obvious return, the necklace has seen better days.  I did NOT order an "As Is" item.  I would like a replacement if possible.


Please let me know if these issues can be resolved through this forum.


Thank you.

QVC Customer Care
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Re: Attention: Customer Service or Moderator


I apologize that you were unable to get through to our customer service departments. I have refunded you 3 X $3.68 for each of your orders as a price difference. I have issued a no cost replacement for J393300 and when this arrives would mind placing the incomplete set in the packaging and returning the item. Your replacement should arrive on or about Thursday May 28th.

Beth QVC