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For awhile  orders were combined into one box/bag. I like less packaging but  I some do not. I do receive combined orders from HSN, as did this week.  I have been receiving one order per bag from Q. 


Maybe with all the  Q delays they are not able to do this? How are your orders coming? It seems easier to transport  and deliver one bag with three items than to deliver three separate bags.




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Re: Are Orders Being Combined ?

My orders arent coming at all. I'd be happy if they came in a plastic grocery bag as long as they'd get here.
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Re: Are Orders Being Combined ?

I get occasional orders combined.  I had 4 shipped one day this week and they've been combined, but usually they come one at a time, often from different warehouses, so it's not possible.

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Re: Are Orders Being Combined ?

As I said in another post, had not been ordering that much for the past months, but am ordering more these days. QVC bag arrived this week with SG top and D&Co pants in same bag, which is ok with me, except for the $3.50 shipping charge for each item. Do you remember the days, that second item would be half price? Even when they stipulated it had to be ordered at the same time..........No wonder many of us do not order as much as we used to: costs, retiring, styles and vendors changing...........