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@Mr Ray wrote:

Good Morning and welcome back...hope you had a gret holiday.  I have been meaning to write this for sometime... Between my wife and I we watch QVC on occassion and feel in our heart that the products have always been quality items. Well we purchased some Corkie Ribs a while ago and remember when they arrived we put them directly in the freezer, but as we started to open the first pack we realized that the BBQ sauce was all over the pack, so we needed to wash the package inorder to open each one. Not a nice surprise. As the months passed and we opened additional packages the even more sauce was on the out side. Well, we are down to the last two packs and will have one of them shortly, the the last pack looks like it is only half or a portion of a pack and may be where all the sauce came from. Perhaps in packing the last pack was ripped and lost some ribs and spread the sauce. I don't know but soon when I feel like cleaning up that mess and the trash man is coming the next day I will take care of it. We don't want anything as the ribs were OK, we just wanted you to know that we weren't very happy. Since I am confessing we received a gift sometime ago from a relative of Salmon, which is still in our frezzer because of the taste. We love Salmon and tried it once and never did anything with it.. Again we jsut wanted you to know.


@Mr Ray  if this ever happens to you again whether with food products or any thing else you are not satisfied with, please send an email to the Social Team at and they will take care of it. I have always been satisfied with the outcome once the Social Team gets involved.


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Re: An unwanted Surprise

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First, I'd never buy food from Q. I realize most of it comes direct from the vendor but the prices are usually higher than going directly to the vendor. 


Second, call or email CS right away when you have a problem. Like Kachina said, it might be too late for a refund but I'd still let them know. 


Third, be careful what you eat if the seal is broken.


Fourth, if you want good salmon, go to Great-Alaska-Seafood. I love their salmon, halibut, scallops, etc. And their customer service is great.