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QVC you just charged me TWICE for one item!! I called your customer service dept.and was told it will "fall off", it is a "hold". This is called a UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICE. You CANNOT tie up someones money that is not owed to you. I will be looking into this legally. 

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It will fall off, it's not an unfair business your CC company & they will explain the hold to you.

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No it is NOT unfair business practice.  Its NORMAL banking process.  If this just happened today you need to give it 1 or 2 days to drop off.  Its no different then if you cancelled an order the same day you placed it or returned an item at a store for a refund to your credit card.  The money are typically NOT immediately available to you it may take a couple days.


Seriously threatening Legal Action - Calm down

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@cef001It's legal and will fall off.  Just last month, a hotel charged me twice.for one of the days I was there.  I called the hotel and they were immediately able to tell me the charge would fall off -  it was some kind of bookkeeping thingy.


None of my money was really tied up.  I make all my charges via a credit card (my financial advisor's advise) and I do not carry a balance so there's no harm done to me.

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Shame on them for wanting to be assured you have money/credit available before they ship an item to you.

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You haven't been charged twice.  The first is an "authorization hold" to  ensure you have the available funds or credit to cover the purchase.


Any legal source will tell you the same thing.  Or your best source of information is your CC company or bank.  There is nothing unfair, illegal or unethical about the practice.

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Did you use a debit card?  If so, based upon my experience, it might take up to two weeks for that money to be refunded.   That is why I only use a credit card for online purchases.

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@cef001 That is common practice.  Restaurants and airlines do it, too.  Relax!! 😁

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@sashamatthews, I´ve always used my debit card and never had to wait for two weeks. It usually takes about 2 days.


If this happens to you again pease inquire why.

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This is common practice for most if not all banks..happens alot to me but eventually one price drops off...