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A Big Thank You to Customer Service

Yesterday, I was debating on whether to get the Vionics TSV but was concerned about the sizing.  I asked a question on the Q website and also on Facebook.  I did not get a response until 3:32 this morning, so I e-mailed customer service just to suggest that vendors answer questions in a timely manner or at least answer the questions/address any concerns about the product on air.


I received both a phone call and an e-mail response with the option of purchasing with the TSV price.  While I decided not to purchase, CS was supportive and went out of their way to make sure that I would get the boots at the TSV price if I still wanted them. 


I have been with QVC since its inception and have always been very pleased with CS, but the reps do not always get the recognition that they deserve.  This is my recognition to them and a big thank you.  It was definitely appreciated.

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Re: A Big Thank You to Customer Service

@SXMGirl very nice!  It's good to see something positive amidst a sea of negativity.

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Re: A Big Thank You to Customer Service

THANK YOU so much @SXMGirl.  We do the best we can with all our resources.  It makes our day to know we are appreciated.

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Thank you again!!