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Hello! I'm looking to return something purchased 3/11. Due to a surgery and covid complications I just now opened the box and realize I need to return the item. My question, is the 90 return policy the same as the regular return policy just longer?
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Yes.  You can send it back.

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Is the 90 day return policy something new with QVC?  Or, is it just for a limited time?

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@Sunshine Kate wrote:

Is the 90 day return policy something new with QVC?  Or, is it just for a limited time?

@Sunshine Kate 


It is new and is in response to the current virus crisis.  

When QVC decides it no longer wishes to continue the policy, it will be gone.  So I wouldn't look for it to be permanent.

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Re: 90 day return policy

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Good luck! Turned into a hassle for me. All returns were within the 90 day time frame. Exchange & one defective item. They are sending all of them back to me because I didn't return within 30 days. These were March & April purchases. My Father had a heart attack & I was very busy. I thought it would not be a big deal & didn't rush to even open them! I barely had time to take care of anything here. So, they did not honor their own policy! So I will not purchase anything ever again from QVC. 

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@DAD. Seriously? They are sending them back to you? Surely if you purchased and returned within the 90 day return thus should not be happening. You should be more proactive in communicating with them. Perhaps the moderators can help you
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I've emailed the social team showed them the dates. I received letters stating they were not returned within their 30 day policy! I'm not going to stress myself out about it. I will never purchase anything from QVC again. These were clothes that I didn't open until the end of April due to my Dad having a heart attack in early March. They were never worn or washed, sent back just as they came. So I hope everything goes well for everyone else. I am done!! They ask their customers to have patience with processing orders & refunds! What a joke. I want nothing to do with a company that doesn't honor their own policy.