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Ordered Linea new Safari jacket and was charged $5 S&H. This is totally unfair for a light we light jacket when heavy ones had the regular $3 charge.

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I just don't understand why women purchase clothing or shoes from QVC. Often these things need to be tried on first. One can get better pricing on clothing, often the same items at a discounted rate with free shipping and returns.


Is it that with QVC, you can actually wear something and then return it? If that's the case then you got your shipping costs worth out of the product.


I can understand a TSV but rarely are these better prices. With a cosmetics TSV, there pricing is better even if you don't like one product and you can gift it easily.


I recently purchased the spiralizer for the kitchenaid mixer. Yes, QVC has it and I appreciate the video. But I can get it at a minimum of 20% off and pick it up immediately. BB&B has a great return policy as well although I have never used it. I wasn't able to enjoy my discounts at Macy's simply because the product was unavailable or not listed last week when I opted to purchase this item.


PS  Yes, I think it is wonderful. Anyone with young kids should indulge as it will make eating certain vegetables more fun. For adults as well!



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There are stores that add the shipping price into the cost of the product and state "free shipping'.

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You knew the shipping cost and you ordered it anyway.  If you are unhappy with the price, you have only yourself to blame.