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I have a new Qcard but can't find any info on redeeming the $40 credit. I'd like to place an order and am frustrated I can't find the info.
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I applied last month when they did the $40 credit offer. I know as long as you make a purchase before a certain date, not sure what your particular offer is/was, but mine I made a purchase the same day I got approved and I just noticed the other day that I have a $40 credit available to use in my account. So, it's posted automatically for you as long as you make that purchase before whatever date they give you. I didn't have to do anything to get the credit is what I'm getting at. (other than make that initial purchase)

Hope that helps!

~ Hope in TN ~
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   Hi, and welcome @Emmers .

As I understand it, after you make an initial purchase with your newly approved QCard, the credit is automatically applied to your account and can be used on subsequent purchase.

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Hi @Emmers    Welcome to the community!!!   I will email you regarding the Q-Card. 



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May I suggest that someone in charge institute a policy whereby folks who are entitled to this type of credit be sent an email explaining how it works. Or that, or maybe and there be a blurb that shows on the screen whenever the offers are mentioned on tv.