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Re: 4 Easy pays not showing up

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I am so sick and tired of QVC not keeping the website updated,They show 4+easy pay but its not showing up.So I guess its their way of not really giving it to us. Sorry to rant folks but it has happened a few other tomes. QVC GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER !!!!!!!!

Calm down.  It is not the end of the world, and there is no reason to get upset.


As many others have stated, the option will appear at the end of the checkout process.  Worst case scenario, it doesn't show upm so just pick up the phone and plce the order.  Problem soved.

The only problem with that is if you order by phone, you can't get rebates with MrRebates, Ebates or any of the other rebate sites, which I use routinely.


That said, my ezpays always show up during the checkout process, which some others have said.

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Re: 4 Easy pays not showing up

I tried to order a few things one day last week when they had a 4 ez pay offer and things weren't showing the 4 ez pay. @Paulette-QVC I beg to differ with what you say because I went through the motions and went all the way to submit the order and it still was not showing up as 4ez pays. I came on here to see if it was just me or the website, and I saw where someone had called CS and they said they were having difficulties with the website and to be patient!? I emailed CS at 6 pm about not being able to take part in the promotion, and I got a return email the NEXT morning telling me that " if you ordered between the hours of 6pm and 11:59 pm you could take advantage of the ez pay offer." Really??!! Oh, well I thought to myself. It's frustrating when a Corp as big as QVC offers this and it doesn't work. I just gave up and went to bed. 

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Re: 4 Easy pays not showing up

I tried calling when the 4 easy pays did not show up, after I went through the ordering process correctly.  I waited an hour for a CS rep to come on the line.  QVC needs to do something abiut these Flash Sales, and fix the Easy pay system.