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3 items changed from "in process" to "backordered"???

I am really getting to the point where I am going to stop buying from QVC.


3 of my "in process" items changed to "backordered" over night.


One item has not even aired yet and is showing availability right now:

Belle by Kim Gravel TripleLuxe Knit Butterfly Sleeve Top

What the heck QVC?


Two others, the Belle Stretch Lyocell Boyfriend Shirt - bought in two sizes during the presentation and now backorder?


So when they are doing the "red/green/yellow" thing I am guessing it is not even accurate?


So irritated right now - this after other recent issues with orders. Annoyed!

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Re: 3 items changed from "in process" to "backordered"???

@Katiesmom I'm sorry your orders are now in Backorder status. We've email the team that works on BO's and will email you when we hear back.  Cindy

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Re: 3 items changed from "in process" to "backordered"???

I agree with this “backordered” nonsense.  Either it’s “in process” or not.


Why go through the ordering, and an “order number”, if an item is “in stock”?  There IS an “estimated delivery date”, and no waitlist involved.


This has happened to my orders several times in recent weeks.  


I am getting tired of the QVC circus — regarding this and other issues. 

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Re: 3 items changed from "in process" to "backordered"???

@Katiesmom- QVC often will oversell item with the hopes that the vendor can meet the demand.  Our orders go on backorder waitng for the vendor to fill the order.  I wish they would stop this practice, they know at the start of a presentation how many they have  of a particular item.  Sell those and if it proves to popular bring it back another day.