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whirlpools new "white ice" collection


Whirlpool turned a few heads last week when they announced their new White Icefinish for their deluxe kitchen appliance collection. The white, mirrored-glass, silver-accented design is notable because for the first time in at least a decade, the exterior of a major-brand, top-end appliance line isn't strictly stainless steel.

There have been other hints that the industry is shifting away from a solely stainless design plan, like these colorful ranges. To be fair, they've mostly come from less-familiar European brands and niche manufacturers. (Though Whirlpool's own Amana line did introduce a floral refrigerator finish back in 2009. We're still waiting for it to revolutionize interior design tastes.)

But even with new finishes available, is stainless still king? It isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Almost all of the ovens that we've reviewed on are predominately stainless. Almost all of the upcoming major-brand premium kitchen lines will still be stainless. Stainless is cheap to make, relatively easy to clean, and has become the standard for kitchen design. sensibilities don't change overnight.

i have never been a fan of white appliances. never owned any and i am not a SS fan either.