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it's not you.  Mercury Retrograde:  May 10 to June 2nd.  i've had a bumpy week or so. snarky store employee, tech issues, computer wonkies, missed texts, dropped phone calls and worst of all family Agitaahhh (major heartburn!)

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Please know heart murmurs are not harmless.


This one is. I've had it checked out thoroughly--more than once, and simply forgot, and that was the cause of Thursday's fiasco.






Hmmm!  You forgot that you have a heart murmur! Forgot you flushed a small comb in the toilet. Pretty distinctive differences I would say.


I forget a lot of things as do most of us. Even though I have spent countless hours in an ER, I have never forgotten what or why I was there. 



hckynut  🇺🇸






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Why are you telling us to be careful???  I think you had "one of those" days.  We all have one occassionally.  It's life.  Medically, all you can do is follow your doctor's orders, take your medication if you are on any and stay positive.  Do the things that relax you and make you feel good and don't expect bad things to happen, no good ever comes from that.  If you want to improve family relationships, if you want to be in your grand child's life, you should put the past behind you and move forward.  If you continue to dwell on old hurts and grudges, nothing can change.  It will just be history repeating itself.  

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I have to tell DH this often...don't assume you will have a bad day. You absolutely will if that is your mindset.  Assume the opposite and try to have a positive attitude. I know it is hard sometimes...but it helps to have the

" glass half full" outlook. Even when things are going downhill...find the silver lining of's there.