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@Kachina624    I checked with local police and in this small town don't have to have that permit for alarm system.


figured that was more for bigger cities and probably Cal.



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@SharkE    Good!  One less thing to worry about. 

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Here either, no permit but the company (Guardian Alarm) lets the police know you have an alarm system...We have had 2 false alarms over maybe 10 years and the police came. We were never charged for it but I understand if it happens frequently they might. Live in a mid size township.


Now Guardian is saying we have to have our system upgraded because

the old 3G/4G system will soon be obsolete. They will come to our house and upgrade the system for 'free' if we sign a 5 year contract. Currently we are month to month.


Kids have RING which they installed themselves. Debating making a change.

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We have a permit. Big deal. $16.
It’s mainly so the authorities have all our contact info in the event it goes off.