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I don't know, I only got tidbits so far because my son is on his way to an assignment.

ETA: that's Gabby Gifford's husband, right? I admire him. I imagine he retired early to spend more time with her.

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That and the Shuttle Program was over. I read about this several months ago and found it interesting. They will be doing the same or similar testing on the men to study the effects prior to, during and after the mission.

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On 2/23/2015 mochachino said:

Lady Gaga is so talented I don't know how anyone could attack her. Who cares what someone looks like?

I only wish I had their talent.

those with nothing to show for their own lives. they need to tear apart others in order to feel better about themselves.

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Hello, mochachino. Smile

Sorry that the board is treating you rough. Hope it gets better for you. I see William Shatner in the Price Line Negotiator commercials from time to time.

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