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here's to you! i quit some time ago and it is moment by moment at first. it was recommended to me to have ice water at your side - as it can help to depress the urge. i managed to get through the first day - the first week - at that point i mentally knew i didn't want to have to do it again so my resolve strengthened significantly. it's all about you at first - you are the source of the power to do it. ignore anything/anyone that gets in your way.

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You can do it. One day at a time! Or as another poster said one hour or one minute at a time.
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Hello, sylviahomeatlast. Smile

Congratulations and you're doing a great, great job. {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

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Yay Sylvia! You can do it. It will hurt. Lots. I smoked two packs of "cowboy killers" a day for years! I quit five years ago. I curled up in a ball on the couch and cried like I lost my best friend. I hated quitting! I hated everything and everybody! I could still tear up thinking about not smoking a year or two ago. Now, I'm fine. I don't miss it, and rarely have problems with "triggers". Before, I felt like no matter what I was saying or doing, part of my brain was on "CIGARETTE". You will do it. Pat yourself on the back for each small victory. You deserve it.

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Hi Sylvia, glad to hear you are quitting smoking, the best thing you can do for yourself and your family! I was where you are back in Nov 2014 after a 30+ year habit, I decided I was quitting cigarettes, easier said then done. I had tried gum, patches, candy and the dreaded cold turkey all had failed for me. Breaking down buying a pack of cigs, the young store clerk told me about ecigs and so I bought the Mistic rechargeable set. Wow, took the edge off needing a cigarette, worked so good for me that my husband wanted a set and quit smoking cigarettes too!

I have not had a analog since Dec 1, 2014, but We have stepped up our vaping set up.After watching many x-smokers on Youtube through their journey, bought the Elaef 20w and 10w istick and have stepped down from 24 mg of nicotine to 12mg until eventually we step down to zero mgs. We vape fruit flavors and have gotten away from the taste and shapes of cigarettes. That is my journey to quitting cigarettes and don't understand with modern technology that quitting has to be a painful journey.You wouldn't have surgery without anesthetic. I wish you luck on your journey to be smoke free!

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day 2

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It's been 11 years for me and I still partake of the lozenge when I get stressed.

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i feel bored. What to do next?

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Remember Kojack? Go get a supply of Tootsie Roll Pops.