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I will be smoke free 6 years 3-26-15 I enjoyed smoking but I was tired of weezing when I tried to sleep, also in April of 09 the price of smokes were going up to $5.00 a pack and I was a 2-3 pack smoker of Newports menthol a day.

The way I quit is that I took a 3 day weekend from work and pretty much stayed in bed.

When I was awake I chewed sugar free bubble gum and black coffee....maybe the drug of caffine helped, but I havent had a smoke since....even when my mom died a year later I never lit up...

I know you can do this, please hang in there, it will be the proudest moment of your life and the healthiest.

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Good for you Sylvia!!! Hang in there. One tactic they use in a smoking cessation program here that some participants have said helped them is to not put emphasis in your mind on "quitting" smoking. Instead think of it as, today I choose not to smoke and set the goals just to get through that day. Sometimes if you think about it as quitting in the beginning, it can be overwhelming on top of managing the withdrawal from nicotine. The focus on choosing not to smoke today and setting the goals for the day is helpful for some.

Take it one day at a time. A cousin of mine chewed on straws and ate Twizzlers. She said that helped her quite a bit.

Whatever you do, know that we are here cheer leading for you!!

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