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Re: stores ...soon goodbye to many I think

I heard from a good source we may not see many Fall clothes, or new lines!  New lines were not ordered or seen.due to virus.  Fashion   Shows were cancelled.  So it stands to reason that stores will be a little empty soon.  When they don't get new stuff in they do not have items to send to Home Goods, Overstock, TJ Max' and that ilk.  

stores were hanging on by a thread before this.  Mostly due to lack of in store shopping, people not  going to malls, people using online rather than brick and mortar.  It is an endless circle.


we will plod through.  I have been looking for a dress to wear to my granddaughters wedding in November.  I might have to wear"old faithful".  That is a dress and jacket I bought in 2000 to wear to my daughters wedding.  Since then it has been to 4 weddings, but no funeral    It is sort of classic beige crochet outfit by Damianou