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On 6/19/2014 Jerri E said: We have a wonderful elkhound w lots of thick dense fur. Yes, shedding is problematic even w daily brushing. At grooming they use the furminator on her to clear out loose undercoat. Love the dog but hate the shedding that goes w her.

I used to have two Nor. Elkhounds! They are so beautiful and loving. Had to keep kiddie pools in the yard for them to get in to. Brushing was a daily chore.

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I have a malamute, a sheltie and a pug/terrier mix. Also have a cat.

My solution:

1. invested in a leather couch. Only terrier is allowed on it. (Sheltie can't jump up on it and mal must stay off!) I use the vacuum or just wipe hair off with a wet rag.

2. Dogs get groomed often.

3. Have a large furminator and I use it for the sheltie, mal and my horse! Horse is not allowed inside, though. {#emotions_dlg.laugh}

4. Almost all my floors are hardwood or tile. Only 2 rooms have carpet and soon will be replacing that with tile so hair vacuums up easier.

5. I empty the central vac container all the time!!


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On 6/19/2014 tansy said: My dog doesn't shed; howver, the cats do. I use a fulminator or and small wire brush on them. They both enjoy it and the attention so it's easy enough to do.

I think you must mean the wonderful "Furminator" (spell check prob?Smile) - a comb that every animal I have used it on has loved, dog or cat. It is amazing how much hair you can get out with one of these. My cats also love the "ZoomGroom".

I have 5 cats who shed like crazy - I vacuum once a week, but sweep daily because I have tile floors throughout except for one tiny patch of carpet in the bedroom.

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Yes and I'm sick of cleaning it!

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Another vote for the furminator. Well worth the money. My large dog likes it, the cat likes it, the 2 little dogs don't like it but the majority of the shedding is coming from my lab. I really don't know what people do. I still have to vacuum every other day (or need to anyway).

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Currently we are down to one dog. Normally our pack was three. Yes,they shed but much less when I give them Vitacoat oils. It's found at Drs. Foster & Smith. This has helped cut down the number of times we vacuum per week. I also use a furminator and been known to use wen oil on the coat too when I run out of Vitacoat. I brush my remaining dog three or four times a week. His coat really shines and skin is healthy. My boy is a very big 143lb rottie as were my other two. He has a double coat that sheds twice a year once in spring getting rid of the winter coat and in fall preparing for a winter coat. The rest of the year much less using above products.

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Oh Preds, yes ours is very much a loving dog. We have thought of a 2nd one to keep her company but the fur kept us from doing it. She is a beauty and we are so happy to have her.
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I have two large rough collies and an Australian Shepherd. It would not occur to a single one of them to get on the furniture or on a bed. They were taught from the time I got them, two are rescues, to stay off the furniture. The fur they shed is just a small problem compared to the dirt and dust they bring in. My large yard is xeriscaped with gravel, as we do in the Southwest. There is a lot of dust that blows in to mix with the gravel. They lie in it, then bring it into the house. I can't keep up with cleaning it up. I have to dust the TV screen every other day or I can hardly see those item numbers. I take them to the groomer several times a year to have them bathed and their undercoats removed.

I nearly rolled on the floor laughing when the other day, I read on one of the Wen posts how Wen cuts down on shedding. Wonder what they think happens to all that dead, loose hair? I guess Wen has a PAC Man affect and just chomps it all.

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I have a Boxer with short hair and a boxer mix with long hair. My long haired girl is horrible. The hairs are always everywhere and I mean everywhere. But they are easily picked up. The short hair is terrible to try and get. It almost weaves itself through fabric.

Honestly, all of my furniture is covered. When guests come over, the covers are removed and the dogs aren't allowed on the furniture until they are covered again. We bought a new couch and recliner for our family room about 5 years ago and they look brand new because they have been kept covered.

My dogs know they aren't allowed on the furniture if it's not covered. There are times that I take one cover off, go in the basement to grab another cover and I will come up and they are both sitting on the floor, staring at the couch waiting for the cover to go back on. LOL

Wanted to add, when I was giving my dogs the Halo Dream Coat, the shedding decreased immensely.

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Ooh, I have to come back and read this later because I've got a new puppy (my first one in a house of cats)..... I gotta go so I won't be late, but I'm definitely interested in reading this. Bye for now.