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Re: sharon faetsch leaving qvc

@gramfetter wrote:

With all due respect...QVC's food shows are going to suffer!  No one could represent food better than Sharon.  She could eat and still look beautiful at the same time...she just had a very special way of making it look delicious and enjoyable & do it with class.  I haven't seen anyone else equal her ability in that way.  We will miss her !   


We will have to disagree on this.

SF sounded like Meg in  "When Harry met Sally", when she ate at that restaurant.

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Re: sharon faetsch leaving qvc

Well said, aubegirl.  Another good excuse (for more mature people) is to claim they're "retiring". Then they pop up on LinkedIn at a new job a few months later.  Smiley Very Happy 

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Re: sharon faetsch leaving qvc

I wouldn’t call it snarky but she sort of goes out of her way to give examples of how life is better now in those areas.  I liked her and will miss her.  I hope she turns up somewhere else.

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Re: sharon faetsch leaving qvc

Seems strange to me that she is leaving

Maybe more to this but it is no one's business 

Wish her the best

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Re: sharon faetsch leaving qvc

Sorry, I never did care for Sharon Faetsch. I saw a presentation of her selling a pair womens  boots.She was talking to a caller while talking about the boot, they were on sale. She went on & on talking to the women how happy she was that she called in, & asked if she was ready for a surprise, ended up that the boot was on sale, that was the suprise . She mentioned the suprise several times building it up. The woman sounded so excited, Sharon made it sound like she was giving away the pair of boots. I could hear the let down in the womens voice when that did not happen, I have never heard of QVC giving away a pair of boots but there is always a first. Seeing & hearing that just put a damper on watching Sharon ever again.  She never should have gone on & on the way she did. I know the women caller was upset about the way Sharon walked around that call. It was not nice. Also yes, she ate a lot of food during her food shows, who can not stand there & tell people how good the food is, That would be pretty easy. No talent for that.To make a women think she is getting a free pair of boots??????? There are so many hosts on QVC that I love watcking, & would never do that to a QVC customer.