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                            tried to check my email on aol and get this message? Anyone else getting the same message?

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yes me too 

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AOL e-mail down in the metro DC area also.

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no, i am currently signed into my aol email.

according to down detector it looks like they are having issues in the northeast and in parts of florida.

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I get the error on my laptop, but my iphone is getting AOL mail just fine.  And I'm in Northern VA.

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Re: service error on aol

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Keep getting error messages!

I hope all of you get your AOL service back quickly!


Have a lovely day, everyone, be safe and well.


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I'm not getting it anywhere...laptop, iphone, ipad.  Glad to know it isn't only me!!

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service error in SE Florida


not as bad as yesterday when Comcast was out and I had zero Internet for the third time in a few weeks  I feel so bad for the many Comcast customers trying to work from home.

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AOL down here in GA too.

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CT too.