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Re: serious depression

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If you are clinically depressed, you MUST get professional help....even your primary care physician can help. @Mindy D 's earlier post is absolutely correct. If you are not clinically depressed and are simply experienc ing slightly down moods, i recommend watching TV! TV is great and there is so much to choose from! Books, rambling through the internet, walking, petting cats, dyeing your hair, writing, drving anywhere, singing along with music you like.....all of those things make me feel better.

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Re: serious depression

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Depression touches everybody differently. And so much depends upon whether it is, as another poster said, "situational" or more chronic.


It can be so strong that it is virtually impossible to do some of the things mentioned here, although they are excellent ideas for more minor depression or anxiety.


Try your hardest to keep in contact with your provider and also if you have a friend or relative with whom you feel comfortable.

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Sometimes it just takes time and the right medication.  I found regular exercise at gym really helped.  It did.  I have advanced RA and spine issues but on man, It works.  I do the machines, rope pulling, it does so much for me. If you can ride a bike, do it.  I cant anymore, but  did for years.  Iwould get on it and just go.  It distracts your mind then givesyou endorphins.  I have a pond and fish.  It is my hobby   I have to keep busy.  I never sit an watchTV or movies during day.  If I sit, i make sure and get up and dosomething at least every 15-20 mins.   Try doing crosswords.  I love the spelling Bee in the NYT  some days ittakes me all day to get to genius level.  I do it, go do somethingelse, come back, tryagain, etc


another help is alternate nasal breathing.  Look it up on youtube.  Its easy and works.  Als, make sure your vitamin d levels are normal.

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@queendiva wrote:

What works for me every time, in this order: prayer, gratitude, my dog, getting outdoors in green space, even if I had to drive there, reaching out by phone to see how a friend or family member is doing, focusing on things other than myself.


I will add that so far my income has not been interrupted. Those who have lost jobs or loved ones during this time have a very heavy burden. I hope that does not include the OP.

Shoekitty said, gratitude and prayergo a looong long way.

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You and anyone else (half of us!) feeling this way might want to check out.....       Hope this helps someone.

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@Libraryfan I'm glad you shared and keep talking - counselor, friends, forum, quiet meditations. Read about situational depression. Most of us are nodding. We get it. 


We've lost two friends since March; great people. We know others who had unexpected health issues / surgery. My friend lost her active, healthy husband to covid19. What saves me from dipping into discouragement is my life is busy - too busy. Listen to the great advice you're getting here. I wish you well. One day at a time and get the assistance you need. Please check back with us.        

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I wanted to add something else. It was something one of our psych clinicians at work had mentioned to me some time ago, but it stuck with me. 

At times where depression has seeped into every part of your life, and indeed (as @suzyQ3  mentioned) even doing the most simple things are without of reach.......try very hard to find one thing that brings you joy. It can be anything at all, but it must be something that you associate with positive feeling. 


For me those small things are the sun on my face and shoulders, old Rick James music, and planning future adventures and vacations. Those future plans may never come to be, but for me right now they serve a purpose of giving me something to work towards and look forward to. 

Having something to look forward to is a crucial component, at least for me. The planning and researching is the key. 


Medications often take a long time. They tried a few on me before finally discovering that Wellbutrin is my elixir. Don't give up and don't get discouraged if your meds have to be changed. The right combo is out there. 


but please, try to force yourself, even if for mere seconds or minutes per think about something that brings you joy......doesn't have to be major......sometimes the tiniest things bring the biggest impact.

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@Libraryfan wrote:

I am two months into a serious depression.  It began with isolation  (solitary) during the beginning of Covid.  My depression began in June.  I have tried many different meds and therapy.  Was there any one thing that got you through? 

It can take quite a while for medication to take hold in your bloodstream. You might not be feeling the full effects of it yet. Patience is really important.


Make sure you get dressed and showered each day and get outside. Do a short excercise routine every day. Make sure you make eye contact with and at least nod or wave at three people every day. Go on walks (a good reason to get showered and dressed) and set a goal to see at least three different animals (can include bugs or birds) during each walk. Do something you used to love to do as a child. Set some small goals and work at them.


And keep in contact with your therapist. Do whatever they tell you to do to a T.

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@IMFat wrote:

@Mz iMac wrote:

For me there were several things....

Fire TV

Massive DVD movie collection

Trips to BJ's

Walks in the woods (I live in the boonies).

Car trips to nowhere.


I'm retired.  Pandemic has not changed my way of living except I never leave home w/o a mask.

@Mz iMac 


Sorry to ask, but what /where is BJ's?


Stay safe. Stay home.”



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