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Re: scared............

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I am sorry to hear this news.


Stay strong, persevere and have faith on your journey to beat this.


You are in my thoughts.  Please let us know how you are doing.

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Seems like one episode with cancer should give us lifetime immunity from any others...but it doesn't work that way, does it? Both DH & I have been there (along with several family members...all different kinds of cancer), and the way the words "you have cancer" sets your head spinning is like nothing else. But you can beat this @oldness2 --you've done it before! Sending you prayers for strength and peace as you face this once again.

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@oldness2 ...  I had lung cancer 11 years ago ... they took out the upper left lobe of my lung and no further treatment was necessary (by the grace of my savior) ...  they are doing FABULOUS things with lung cancer right now.  You will be amazed.  Lung cancer is now the #1 cancer among women ...  NOT breast cancer ... and smoking is not always a factor ...  you are in my prayers ...  

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Horrible news........thinking of you. 

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One of my favorite verses that gives me comfort is...."Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you".  (1Peter 5:7)
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Hi--through the years I have had several family members that were diagnosed with cancer, most recently my cousin with breast cancer. She has been in remission for a year now. Before making any decisions take the time to "wrap your head around it" because you want to make sure you have a clear mind while making some major decisions. Also, if possible have someone close to you like a spouse, sister or child to help make the decision with you. Don' t put too much emphasis on researching online because you will only drive yourself crazy. There are support groups and counselors that may be able to give you some advice. You mentioned you are a breast cancer survivor. I know the idea of going through it again is certainly not going to be easy but you did it before and with help, support and prayers you will do it again! You are in my prayers. Blessings and well wishes to you! Heart

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Hugs and prayers from me..... Hope you are feeling enveloped by the soft wings of the angels! 

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@oldness2 -

I'm sending prayers too!

I've read and heard about new discoveries they have for lung cancer. I'll be praying you get the very best doctors out there and also to feel all our prayers with you!Heart

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Oldness2, words are great.Hugs are better. So sorry to hear this news. You are not alone! Cancer strikes so many in all of our families. Take care. Sending up prayers for you and your husband.
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@oldness2 , I want to let you know that my SIL had lung cancer and surgery and she is doing well some five years later.  Take each day as it comes and don’t live in the ‘what ifs’.  Gather you strength dear lady and know that many prayers and blessings are coming your way.  God bless.  LM