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retirement 'gifts' - what would you do?

So I'm retiring after 35.7 years at a major state sudsidized university. My supervisor and I have not seen eye to eye this entire year over many things including having others take work away from me. This has left my work plate at 50% or less, my supervisor has not stood up for me for any of this work disappearing, more importantly she never has once come to me to discuss any of this nor has she made any effort to give me anything else to work on.

Having said this, our mtg a few weeks ago that she set up was to discuss what I have currently left to do, what's left on my desk to do, what I have in work folders etc. She had the nerve to ask me for a LIST of what I do because frankly she has no clue what any of her employees do, she's this out of touch with all of us. She's quite lucky she has a well rounded group of 5 of us who KNOW our jobs inside and out.

So also in this meeting she asked me if I wanted a retirement party to which I said no. We talked about going out to lunch (the 5 of us) and I said that would be okay.

If I said no to a party, what part of that would she think I want gifts??!!

Again keep in mind that we're at a government subsidized entity - we MUST have permission and document document document everything we as a whole spend tax dollars on. This morning I log onto my computer/email only to see that she asked our dept VP to spend money for gifts for me!!!!! She's buying a Nano IPod and a dog collar and dog leash "because I like to walk my dog". This spending was approved.

Then I see yet another email purchasing approval for something from - are you ready - from WALMART for $150.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The IPod is coming from one of our universtiy bookstores and - please do not tell me for $150.00 she's buying a dog collar and leash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (we're NOT permitted to buy gift cards of any type for any reason)

Well I'm so livid, griped, upset, I sat at my desk this morning crying!!! I DO NOT WANT ANY GIFTS ON GOVERNMENT TAX DOLLARS - MINE INCLUDED!!!!! I just don't even know how to handle this or what to do.

This kind of spending makes me sick to my stomach! Am I being a total jerk, ingrate, worthless, ungrateful person about these "gifts" she's buying NOT OUT OF HER POCKET NOR out of the kindness of her heart because we've worked so many years together??!!

I can't wait until lunch when she pulls out the corporate purchasing credit card to pay for the lunches for all 5 of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because I know this is what will now happen. (this supervisor takes home $100,000.00 a year if not more)

What's your take on all of this and ME and my thoughts on the gifts. Am I being a total jerk about all of this?