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random acts of destruction and vandalism

We are staying in a campground for the summer - have done so here for a few years now - last night our golf cart was stolen . this morning DH found it smashed to smitherines along with 2 other golf carts in a nearby farmers field. What was done to the farmers crop was also awful. All the carts are totalled - so it will cost each owner thousands of dollars to replace them. And someone was hurt because there as blood all around where they were found. They also stole the keys to DH's truck but that is - IMO - his own fault for not locking his truck up and being lazy leaving the keys in it. He's extremely lucky they didn't steal the truck itself. So much destruction for absolutely no reason.What makes people do something like this? Why would i think this is alcohol related? The police said they probably stole them and played demolition derby with them.