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Re: qvc now has a "promo code" box?

@sunshine45  I suspect they will.  They might float a code on a banner on the home page of the website and/or send e-mail.


It will be interesting to see if they start before the end of this calendar year or wait until January.  


I think they will include established customers and not just new ones.  If they don't they are foolish since there is such stiff competition from all sides.


The New Year is the most boring time of year to me for shopping--not only the Q--but most merchants do that fitness, new year, new you! stuff so that is usually my "take a break from purchasing" time unless I see a real bargain on an item of final, final clearance on a winter clothing item--like a coat, wool or cashmere sweater, or similar.  


This year I'm all set for those things, too, so a merchant will have to go above and beyond their usual efforts to lure me in.

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Re: qvc now has a "promo code" box?

@halfpint1 wrote:

I saw that when ordering a few things. Am I losing money when I don't put it in? I don't see anything so what does it mean?


I haven’t seen any promo codes for QVC either. Maybe, they will offer promo codes in the future. 

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Re: qvc now has a "promo code" box?

If it's anything like the "huge" sales they have ($2, $4 off) I am not holding my brreath.

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Re: qvc now has a "promo code" box?

I also just noticed it too!  I got excited for a minute but then realized....what promo?  I've been shopping here for almost 20 years and it's RARE to ever see a promo or coupong!

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Re: qvc now has a "promo code" box?

[ Edited ]

GRRRR - I was going to comment on the promo code which I received in an email.


It has been a while - $5.00 off pn your next purchase.


Idiot me - went online and ordered 2 items yesterday and put in the promo code which took. 1 item was available and the other was on waitlist. No biggie, right? WRONG


I went to my email to look find their phrasing of the promo code to put a reply on this thread when something caught my eye...where is the $5.00 off? I was charged full price on the item available. I went to the waitlist item - there it is $5.00 off. Whaaat? Why would you put the $5.00 off on an item that may or may not be available? 


I just went to live chat - here is their explanation


Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 9.57.40 PM.png



Great - so I can get a $5.00 on the next future order....stringing me along on the 'promo code'. I also saw this promo code on their homepage yesterday.


Calling customer service next..I will edit and post what happens. So PO now but if this thread wasn't available. I probably never would have noticed until the cc comes.




UPDATE - just got off with Customer Service - I did get the $5.00 off, it is just with a waitlist item. That is NOT getting $5.00 off in my opinion. Apply the code to something that is shipping. The itiem available is in processing so I cannot cancel both orders and place the orders separately. So aggravating. CS said if I ordered with a rep via phone, the code would have been applied to the avail item. So all that - order onine, use your mobile device is fast and easy. Maybe they shouldn't offer promo codes if they don't know how to process it.