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Re: "social media is ripping apart society"

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Its kinda sad, because what started out as technology that could be used to communicate with people around the world, and family/friends could reconnect and share whats going on in their lives despite living miles apart, fun things like sharing photos. Sadly it sees to have evolved into a vanity filled, self indulgent tool, some of which has emerged into an argumentative media, much of it hate-filled, and also privacy invasive 


@Spurt...I couldn't agree more.  I deactivated my Facebook account last month and haven't missed it one bit.  I have no intention of reactivating it either, because of the very reasons you posted.  Do you think any of my friends (who have my phone number and email address) have reached out to me since I deactivated it, even just to say hey, what's up?   Only 1!




How sad that the art of personal conversation has decreased in favor of only conversations in Facebook.......My sister is like your friends....Facebook and texts are her main avenues of conversation and I had to get after her to use the phone to make a CALL where we can hear each others voices---I told her she was turning into a Facebook Zombie---thankfully she listened.....


As far as your other friends that haven't called, I think your better off....I wonder if they were REAL friends.  I am so blessed that the friends I have arent really into Facebook except to post a special photo once in a blue moon, but we prefer to get together in person, and we also communicate via phone calls and sometimes an email........


.I volunteer for a charity and its amazing to me how many neglect their volunteer duties, but boy they sure spend a lot of time on the organizations facebook page (I am required to check their Facebook Page a couple times a week to get my assigned schedule and view important news and announcements)...but some volunteers are more interested in poting stuff about their "exciting" lives then helping the charity....sad!Woman Frustrated...

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