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"The Boy Who Will Be Captain"

Oh my goodness.  This youtube of a 5 year old discussing sophisticated flying technology with a flight crew will make you happy.  Very happy!  I can almost guarantee it.  It also made me want to cry, in a good way!


Do yourself a favor today, and watch.

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Re: "The Boy Who Will Be Captain"

Wow!  He is adorable, and brilliant!!

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Re: "The Boy Who Will Be Captain"

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I saw that.... amazing kid. Brains are amazing organs.


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Re: "The Boy Who Will Be Captain"

I agree the child is precocious and very interested in airplanes. Someone has spent a lot of time discussing this subject with him, but I don't make more out of this than just that. Time will tell if this child will grow up to be Captain, I sure hope he does, we need a win.

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Re: "The Boy Who Will Be Captain"

You'll be interested to know that Etihad actually made him pilot for a day, and there is a You Tube video of him working a landing in a flight simulator. 😀  I can't supply a link on my tablet, but you could look it up by the title, "6-year-old Genius Kid becomes Etihad Airways Pilot for a day."