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It's how nature is.  Things are born and young in the Spring, cooks in the Summer and begins to die in the Fall.  Unlike most animals, humans are the only ones that aren't ruled by the seasons.  

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There's a certain organizational Youtuber that I watch that uses that term frequently.  I don't see it as referring to being old but more like where you are in life.  


"What season are you in" means to me do you have small children, are your children grown and out of the house, is it just you and your husband?  


Do you have a need for a lot of dishes because you still cook for many people or have your meals become small as your family at home decreases.  


I just see this term as a statement on how our life changes and what we want each season of our life to be.  

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I've never paid much attention to this before, but I looked it up! Here's what I found. I think it is all pretty subjective though.


Spring: Birth - 25


Summer: 25 - 50


Fall: 50 - 75


Winter: 75 - 100


As I said this is just one person's theory, in this case Ashley Zuberi. There are others!  I read one person's take on this that went into detail about personality traits, social life, etc. Smiley Happy 

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I try to think about it as not being my last season of life but just the season I am in now. If I wait a while I'll be in a new season! 

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I've heard the phrase "winter of your life" but not season of life.  

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The Season of Life, is your present. Not the past, not the future but now.

Taking life one day with contentment. I don't even put age into it. Considering the way this country is....this season is more important for heart and spirit.