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" gifts"....

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We attended a surpise 65th  Birthday Party last night for a friend of hubby's. The invite stated "No gifts Please".....


Well about half of the guests brought one (some were joke type things) and I felt so embarassed sitting there while he opened them....


Next time that I get an invite like "I" bring one anyway? Hide it in the car in case others bring one? Leave if the Host opens their gifts in front of people?

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I still think you did the right thing but shame on the ones who brought something to look better in front of the other guests. 

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there was a thread on this yesterday,  you were correct.


Those who brought gifts when they were asked not to should be embarrassed 


You were fine.


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VERY poor form for the guest of honor to open the gifts in front of all the guests when they were instructed not to bring one!!


I encountered this dilemma when a favorite aunt of mine was guest of honor at a party for a special birthday. No Gifts was written on the invitation. I solved the problem by sending the gift (flowers) to her home a day or two prior to the party.

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let's look at it this way


supposing that you are having a party and decide that you have enough __________  fill in the blank, and just want a party with your friend and family there.


No gifts please, on the invitation, those attending decide to defy you and bring all kinds of junk and now you need to take it home and inventory it etc, and then write thank notes.

Not much of a gift.


Just go to the party and be a guest and have fun 




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I would not be embarrassed. We had the same thing happen. But the gifts that people brought were mostly joke gifts. So we all had a good laugh.


We all sat around and enjoyed the laugh. And I will do the same at the next birthday party. 

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Some bring gifts and some don't.


I wouldn't have opened them in front of everybody though.  

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I guess the host should say, "I'm having a get-together, bring a dish to pass or not". Don't call it a party that usually has presents attached. If you don't want to eat someone else's food ask them to bring "chips" or crunchy snacks. Everyone is making this so complicated. 

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When DH had his 70th birthday party, we worded the invitation: “Please do not BRING gifts. If you wish, contributions to .........charities are welcomed”.



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Re: " gifts"....

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I also think in a case like this, making a charity donation in the persons name is very appropriate, I have done this several times, and it is most appreciated.

It is not too late to do this, if you care to.