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Re: "Free money" on commericals

I love Mayhem on the Allstate commercials.

I like the turkey on the quit smoking drug commercial.

Otherwise, I usually tune out commercials.

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Re: "Free money" on commericals

@Cats3000 wrote:

@qualitygal You're talking about the reverse mortgage commercial with Tom Selleck.  I wouldn't go within a "light-year" of ANY reverse mortgage.  That said, I think Selleck does an excellent job as a salesman.  The characterization he does is warm and convincing, which is what he was hired to do.

He very much disappointed me with those misleading ads. Notice they say you can pay it back but at WHAT rate?And who sets it? So many loopholes in this "loan".

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Re: "Free money" on commericals

@silkyk That's why I said I wouldn't go anywhere near a reverse mortgage.  However, I thought Selleck's approach was excellent.