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Re: "Expired" eggs in fridge? Eat? How long is too long?

Four months past is pretty far but, just for kicks, I'd do the float or sink test to see what happens.   


I also hate waste but something like that you need to be as certain as possible.  I don't like eggs, so they gross me out either way.  The only time I buy them is for a recipe (baking) and even though I can buy a 6-pack, instead of a dozen, I often have to dispose of some of them.   I hate that but the other choice is to just leave them in the refrigerator until they rot, then throw them out, and that will be REALLY gross!  Smiley Very Happy   I can't even imagine how much more gross they get when they're 'bad' but I don't even want to know.  heh

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Re: "Expired" eggs in fridge? Eat? How long is too long?

I had a carton in the refrig with a "sell by" date of 6/10. I used 4 of them yesterday to make scrambled eggs and they were just fine. I used the remaining 3 today to make hard boiled eggs for DH to munch on. I have regularly used/kept eggs 3 and even 4 weeks past the sell-by date and have never had anyone in my family get sick. Granted, I open the 4-week eggs in a separate bowl to make sure they look ok and smell ok.


3 or 4 months past the date on the carton? I think that's pushing it to even mention! LOL!

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Re: "Expired" eggs in fridge? Eat? How long is too long?

@sunshine45 wrote:

my eggs are in an egg keeper and i dont know the expiration date.

i usually buy about two dozen at a time.

i just crack them into a tea cup.

believe me, if they are bad, you will know it right away by the look and the smell. if they look and smell good, then i use them.

I keep my eggs in an egg keeper, too (Fridge Binz brand) & when I transfer the eggs from the original carton, I cut out the exp. date from the end of the carton & stick the little piece w/the date in the front of the keeper so I can see it.


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Re: "Expired" eggs in fridge? Eat? How long is too long?

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I've eaten yogurt a week past expiration without any problems. But eggs three months old, no way.



Reminds me of the question, how do you know when sour cream goes bad?   It's sour, right.


I would have no idea when yogurt is bad, LOL




oh you would know if sour cream or your yogurt went film on the top, green mold spots.


we have a rule in our family: never eat "fuzzy food", no matter what the color of the fuzz. even if it's just a little fuzz on the top, they can have strings that can sink in and contaminate your food.