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Re: question about returning to amazon through kohl's

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This was the first time I've taken an Amazon return to Kohl's.  It's so much easier for me to go to the UPS Store.  I can park right in front and just take the item in and hand it to them.


The Kohl's Amazon return counter is in the back of the store.  I had to park quite far from the door.  It's still great that you don't have to box it up, but I hope they haven't stopped using the UPS Store.  


Amazon did credit my account quickly today.  That's so nice.  I order so much from Amazon that I just have them credit my Amazon account instead of my credit card.  It's available immediately that way.

They haven't stopped using the UPS store for returns.  But when you choose your return option you need to scroll down to see The UPS Store.  They send you an email with the scan code and you show that when you take your item to them.  Very cool, no shipping label.  I prefer UPS because like you i park right in front of the store, not crowded, fast.  Kohl's i have to go to the back of the store and be around many more people.



@Shawnie   I'm pretty sure I did scroll all the way down, and there wasn't a UPS Store option this time.  It was strange.  Also, this time I didn't show them my phone.  I was instructed to print something with a code on it to put with my purchase in case the one with the shipment was lost or damaged and then another code with an address to print and hand to the person at Kohl's Amazon counter.  I had never done it that way before.


It was easy.  I'm not really complaining.  I do prefer the UPS Store, but this is still the easiest way anyone does it.

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Re: question about returning to amazon through kohl's

Easier for me to return via UPS.  A major UPS hub is near me.  I just print the label.  I get the credit almost overnight. The nearest  Kohl is too far for me.  I wondered why they picked that store.  Everyone is just too far.  It would have been easier if they had picked Target, etc.  More of those stores in my area.