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@goldensrbest wrote:

I see they have a sale on sweatshirts, poly,cotton ,never bought them ,how do they hold up,with washing?

saw some nice open front sweaters yesterday, holding out till they go on sale  


My daughter bought the Stevie pant and it's very nice on her

this sweater 

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looks like it's 25% of your order today,


hmm get the sweater?

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@Jordan2 wrote:

I'm not really crazy about Old Navy, I find the quality of the clothing is sub par, I rather shop at The Gap.

I agree.  ON sleeves run short.  The Gap is much better, at least for me

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I really like ON.  They lean more towards teens overall, but I can still find lots of tees and sweatshirts that are good quality.  I especially love their Rockstar jeans.  The store isn't Macy's, but they have some great sales and their clothes are cute. 

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I like Old Navy.  And I get tired of clothes long before they "wear out" so a few seasons or years is fine with me.

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OLd Navy initially was just a low-end Gap but their quality seems to have improved a bit.  I have bought several little sundresses and other summer things for my small granddaughters and they are very cute and some through the washer/ dryer just fine. Price is very good as well. Good sales online which I like also.

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not a huge old navy shopper.

i find their clothes to last possibly one year, sometimes not even one year. the colors fade, the materials fall apart, and they stain easily.

they are priced accordingly though.

my children dont even shop there anymore.

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My husband has several pairs of pants from ON that are perfect for his work life

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When Old Navy first opened I thought their clothes were great quality and lasted.  Now when I walk in the shirts are very thin and cheaply made.  I purchase jeans there for myself when they have a good sale.  I also purchase athletic type pants (not sweats) for my boys due to the sizing availability that Old Navy has which other stores don't.  I have a very hard time finding 7/8 and 10/12 size pants for my boys.