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Re: oh my gosh, I am SO sick


How awful -- Hope you're feeling better soon.

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Re: oh my gosh, I am SO sick

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I am sorry you have gone through this!  I hope by the time you read this you will have gone to Urgent Care and returned with all the meds you need to feel better.  You take care, rest up, and let everyone here know you are ok.  All my best, Pam

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Re: oh my gosh, I am SO sick

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Glad you are off to urgent care. You might be starting with a sinus infection. Those viruses do pop up out of nowhere don't they. Feel better.

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Re: oh my gosh, I am SO sick

@gidgetgh , I had those symptoms 12 days ago. Started taking Airborne which always worked. By the second day I knew it was not working.


Saw the Dr and she said I had an Upper Respiratory Infection.


She prescribed something for the cough and told me to get Claritan

and Flonase. It took over a week for me to start feeling better. Had no appetite but drank a lot of liquids. 


Had my flu shot recently also. It felt so much like the flu but I´m glad that it wasn´t. 


Hope you feel better soon. For some people it last 7-10 days. Lots of rest also helps.

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Re: oh my gosh, I am SO sick

@gidgetgh wrote:

Off to urgent care I go in the morning.  As soon as they open.  8:00 AM.  I don't want to wait around for my doctor's office to open and then start all the when is the next appt. stuff.  Plus, it's just the doctor and his nurse/receptionist.  Sometimes they don't answer the phone and you have to leave a message.


I woke up at 3:00 AM Monday morning with a sore throat and some slight stuffiness, nothing too major though but that came out of the blue.  I'd been fine Sunday night.


I stayed in Monday and had major chills.  Piled with blankets.  Using Airborne which always works for me and Nasonex which always does a good job for me with congestion.  


Yesterday I felt much better.  Not good, but huge improvement.  Just had some slight tooth and facial discomfort, like sinus type pain, so I took some aspirin and it went away.


And then, at 8:00 last night, the chills started again and the throat pain. And I lost about 90% of my voice.   I got in bed and was so cold that I was shaking and  I just couldn't warm up and I couldn't sleep.  So I got up at 10:00, added a pair of leggings to my nightgown, a pair of thick slipper socks and an oversized cardigan sweater.  That finally worked after about an hour.


It's 2:00 AM and I'm wide awake.  I finally just got up.  Chills are gone.  Temp is only 100.0, but my poor throat.  I haven't tried talking so I don't know how my voice is doing.


It could be the flu, but I'm not really achy.  I had the flu shot in September.


I didn't post this in Wellness because I'm not looking for medical advice.  It's just a lonnnnnnnggggg night when you can't sleep so I decided to post about my woes, LOL. It's something all the time.



It could still be the flu. It could be a different strain or a weaker version of the flu you were vaccinated against. I've gotten the flu despite a flu shot, but it wasn't as bad as without it and did not last as long.


I hope the doctor tests for that and that you feel better soon.

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Re: oh my gosh, I am SO sick

Sorry you are not feeling well.

It seems lots of people are feeling under the weather, the crazy cold in much of the country isn't helping. 

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Re: oh my gosh, I am SO sick

It's that time of the year and it's certainly going around.  My husband was sick and I ended up with it.  I've had it longer and worse than him.  I went to the doctor yesterday.  Thankfully a same day appointment.  Started 3 medications yesterday and hopefully will be better soon.  I feel like my entire house needs to be disinfected.  It will just have to wait till I have the strenght.  I hope you feel better soon.

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Re: oh my gosh, I am SO sick

Ok, so I am home. 

The Doctor didn't think it was the flu because I'd had the flu shot and my fever wasn't high enough. He also didn't think it was strep and didn't test me for it. 

He said upper respiratory infection.  That my throat is pretty red. No congestion at all in my lungs. 

He prescribed an antibiotic and cough medicine in case I start coughing. He also prescribed Magic Mouthwash to help with the pain in my throat. I've taken that before, but it's been many years. My CVS didn't have all the ingredients for it this morning so I'll have to try another drug store. 

I got home at 10 and immediately took the first dose of the antibiotic. My voice is probably at 60%. The pain in my throat has backed off some thankfully. Same thing it did yesterday and then it was really painful last night. 

I appreciate everyone's comments. We've all been through it. It's a really long night when you're up and you don't feel well. 

Why is it, when I have a 50/50 guess at something, I'm always 100% wrong?
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Re: oh my gosh, I am SO sick

(((( @gidgetgh )))) glad you went to the doctor.  Rest up.  The chills are awful, aren't they.  Hope the meds work quickly.

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Re: oh my gosh, I am SO sick

@gidgetgh  I am glad you went in....and that the doctor seemed to figure out what is truly going on.  Never heard of Magic I googled it.  Sounds like that would really help with a painful sore throat...wonder why in my entire life seeing doctors they never prescribed it!  I will remember that name for future referenceWoman Happy  Hope you feel better soon!


I just came back from seeing my Internist....I was glad they could fit me in at 10:30....for a month now my throat has felt swelled up...kinda painful...but I suspect it's my thyroid disease/med's not working....and possibly a flare up of EBV which I had it re-activate a few yrs ago and that throat pain was off the charts.  I don't have flu or cold....told them that on phone before going in...but fatigue and general aching all over.  


Now to wait for labs to come back.