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nice article for qvc 30th anniversary

QVC Celebrates 30 Years

November marks the anniversary of the company's first live broadcast.


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Re: nice article for qvc 30th anniversary

@sunshine45 please know I have purchased amounts of things from QVC that I can't even wrap my head around looking back.  I have many jewelry items that I am so happy to have as they are lovely, quality pieces and timeless.  QVC has kept me company on nights that I couldn't sleep and brought a lot of joy to my mom's life as she enjoyed watching them for most of the day (at least until the judge shows came on . . . Smiley Happy).


My problem with QVC is this (especially the highlighted piece):


Doug Rose, senior vice president of brand and communications at QVC, has been with the company for 22 years and witnessed much of its growth. “We started out as a one-dimensional business. We had a live television broadcast where we took phone calls from customers,” he says. “Currently, over half of our business comes from orders placed online. Our best customers are shopping with us on every mobile device. The business has turned into a multidimensional experience.” 

According to Rose, QVC has always viewed shopping as a social experience. “We were waiting for the world of technology to catch up with us so that we could extend our reach beyond television,” he says. 


My angst here is with all of the technical problems that people are currently experiencing and have experienced in the past, to say they "were waiting for the world of technology to catch up to them" is beyond the pale.  This is a multi-billion dollar company that treats their website as an afterthought.  If they aren't embarassed I am embarassed for them.  I can't think of one major website that is as buggy as theirs.


Shame on them for taking money from customers and not providing quality in return especially when all folks are trying to do is order from them.