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I just got my local Sunday  paper delivered and see the cost has gone up to $6.00. Wholly cow. My subscription is up in a couple weeks so I guess I won't be renewing. I get daily delivery and have for many years. Last year it was almost $400.00 for the year so I didn't renew and then they called and offered at the rate I was still on so I renewed. I sure will miss it, as online isn't the same. 

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6.00 just for the Sunday paper- Holy Cow!


I haven't subscribed to the local newspaper for years but you're right it is not the same on-line.

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We continue to get the local newspaper delivered. The on-line comes with our subscription. We like it for local news and the daily puzzles. It is getting expensive, but still within our budget. 

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@catter - the annual cost for our paper is over $600.  My husband reads the sports page and the comics.  The rest just sits there and collects dust.  We switched to Sunday only a few years ago.  It includes access to the online version.  So, he reads the paper online Monday-Saturday and has a paper newspaper on Sundays.  He says the box scores are a pain online but other than that no complaints.  It is about $120/year for Sunday only.  


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Re: newspaper cost

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I used to love reading the Sunday paper while drinking my coffee. I stopped getting the newspaper years ago. It got too expensive. I never read it online. It's not the same. I enjoyed our local newspaper for the small town I live in. It  went up too much also. I miss newspapers. 

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Interesting, you mentioning newspapers. I just came in from looking for our paper. No paper, yet. It has become a guessing game every day. Whether the paper is delivered or not. The price for the Sunday paper is $4.95. The daily paper is $2.95.  I guess we are getting a bargin. If we get the paper. 


Since we got married (40+ years) we always had 2 newspapers delivered. Last year my husband decided to only go with one paper. He stopped the local newspaper. 



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Our local Sunday is $3. 


We only but it for the coupon inserts and pick it up at Dollar Tree.  Even then sometimes it's not worth the $1.

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@catter  Just adked DH since he's reading our's right now - $5.00 for the Sunday paper. Our Columbus Dispatch (OH) used to be printed right in the downtown facility since I don't even know when - the 1920s maybe. A year or so ago the owners decided to give it away to some printing facil in INDIANA. So the reporters have to get their pieces to IN literally 1/2 day or maybe sooner just to get the news into print. This makes the news in the paper 2-3 old, print it, DRIVE it back to Columbus, paper boys, girls, men & women who deliver it to the residents who still choose to read to printed word.


Is that the most ridiculous thing you've ever read??????


In any event, yeah they HAD to raise the price even though their printed word is days old. Looking for the lottery numbers to see if we're billion dollar winners? I pull it up online. Read box scores to ANY sporting event? Reading them online so DH knows if THE Ohio State Buckeyes won yesterday. Did the Cloeveland Indians win last night honey? Can you check the score online? Sure can, oh and did y ou want to know if they won the night prior to last night? Sure it too is online.


Totally ridiculous but he still pays for the paper to be tossed at our door around 6AM every morning.

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We have been getting the Monday-Friday delivered paper which comes with online access.  It works well when we snowbird ( suspend the delivery but keep the access ).  The cost is approx. $400 annually.


What I noticed most this last year: the paper has shrunk! The width is greatly reduced which would have been wonderful when I used to ride the train into town.  There are so few pages and the ads take up much of the space.


DH has commented that a lot of the " contents " are from other papers !


The " Fourth Estate " is in deep trouble !


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 @catter   I went to my local deli this AM to get my lottery ticket and Sun. paper. Like you, I was shocked when I saw it was $6.00! Yes, it had more fillers/advertisements, but $6.00 is highway robbery. I put it back and got the cheaper local Sun. paper. Sheesh!