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need your opinion as far as co workers...boss's Christmas gift collection

I work part time as a cashier in a supermarket. I have worked there for 12+ years !

We had the same front end manager for over 7 years and I would buy him a Christmas gift on my own. I chose to do that because I have learned from past experiences in working in an office that it can be a real pain taking up a collection and dealing with who gives what and who signs the card but does not contribute etc.

Well, this year we have a new boss. He's a young guy , married with 2 sons. I hadn't thought much about buying him a gift until an older woman that I work with asked what we were going to do for him as far as a gift.. I said that I hadn't put any thought into it. She suggested that I pick out a card and go around asking all front end personnel to give $5 and then have them sign the card. I didn't really want to do it but, I said OK ( Why can't I ever say NO )

So far 3 people gave $5, Myself and two others put in ten. There are alot of young people who I know won't give which is fine so, don't know what I'll end up with moneywise. A few others on the regular day shift said ok but, never gave any $ ( It happened to be pay day when I started the collection and they cash our checks for us) so, I assume they said ok but, have no intention of giving which again is Ok.

Well this evening I received a call from one of the people that gave $10 and she asked if I bought the gift yet. I said no, I started the collection on Wednesday, Thursday was a busy day so didn't get to pass around the envelope and I don't work on Friday( today)

Anyhoo, she asked if she coud have her $ back ! I am so annoyed. This is why I don't like doing this.

This is where I need your help. I think on Monday, I am going to give everyone ther $ back, There is only 6 people who gave so far that includes me. Do you think I am wrong in doing this ?

I don't really care what my coworkers think, Personally I think they will understand. I figure maybe people should just buy him something on their own.

I couldn't be bothered chasing people for $ then trying to pick out something that everyone will approve of !